Information Assurance and Cyber Security Degrees in Arizona

Great schools and great employers have attracted large numbers of graduates to pursue careers in cyber security in the Grand Canyon State. The Greater Phoenix area has one of the nation’s highest densities of information security analysts. Of these, a great number of cyber security jobs revolve around financial services, and major employers in this sector include Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab and American Express. Several top cyber security companies, such as BeyondTrust, LifeLock and Trusona, are also based in Arizona. Six schools in Arizona award Cyber Security degrees, and fully half of these are recognized by the NSA as “National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security”.

Arizona Cyber Security Jobs

The Information sector is the tenth-largest division of Arizona’s economy, directly after such stalwarts as Construction and Services, and boasting some 41,800 employees. Unfortunately, the high number of job candidates with cyber security degrees may translate to decreased demand, because salaries for cyber security jobs in this state are slightly below the national average. The Bureau of labor Statistics cites an annual mean salary per year of $80,910 for information security analysts in Arizona.

Cyber Security Degrees in Arizona

Associate’s Degrees in cyber security are offered by Cochise College, which awards an Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security.

Bachelor’s Degrees in cyber security are offered by four Arizona-based universities: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Advancing Technology, University of Arizona, and Arizona State University. The latter three are NSA-recognized “National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security”.

Master’s Degrees in cyber security can be earned at University of Advancing Technology, Arizona State University and University of Arizona. In addition to awarding graduate degrees in cyber security, the latter also offers a master’s-level Cyber Security Fellowship Program.

Certificates and Doctoral Degrees in cyber security are offered by three Arizona-based institutions.
University of Arizona offers an online Management Information Systems (MIS) Enterprise Security Certificate and awards a doctoral degree in MIS Emphasis in Information Assurance. Mohave Community College offers a certificate in cyber security, and Arizona State University awards a Ph.D. in Computer Science.