Information Assurance and Cyber Security Degrees in Kansas

Demand is high in Kansas for professional equipped with cyber security degrees. The state ranked 10th in the nation, according to Burning Glass, for increase in cyber security job postings. Kansas is a choice destination for cyber security students as well as professionals. Three out of the six schools in Kansas that award cyber security degrees are considered by the NSA to be “National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security”.

Kansas Cyber Security Jobs

While most careers in cyber security are to be found in a state’s most populous city, the majority of such jobs in Kansas are based in Overland Park, the headquarters for such cyber security companies as Optiv and UnitedLex. FireMon and LockPath, also located in Overland Park, made Cyber Security Venture’s “Cybersecurity 500”, a ranking of top companies in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a mean wage of $73,080 for information security analysts, significantly lower than the national average of $92,600. This discrepancy, however, is largely offset by the state’s remarkably low cost of living; Kansas is the eighth most inexpensive state in which to live.

Cyber Security Degrees in Kansas

Associate’s Degrees in cyber security are available through just one school in Kansas. Butler Community College awards an Associate in Applied Science in Cyber Security.

Bachelor’s Degrees in cyber security are offered by Fort Hays State University, which is recognized by the NSA as a “National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security” (CAE). The school offers a bachelor’s in Information Networking and Telecommunications with a Concentration in Computer, as well as a Bachelor’s in Networking and Telecommunications with Information Assurance Emphasis.

Master’s Degrees in cyber security are available through a total of four schools, three of which have been designated as CAEs by the NSA.

Certificates in cyber security are offered by two schools: Manhattan Area Technical College, a CAE, and Butler Community College.