Information Assurance and Cyber Security Degrees in Ohio

Ranked among the best business climate states in the country, Ohio’s GDP has grown to over $620 billion. Aerospace and defense employs 16,000 Ohioans; bioscience and healthcare centers rank in the top five nationally. Insurance, financial services, research and development, and information technology each represent major in-state industries, as well, and cyber security professionals are needed across the board. Fortunately, over a half-dozen colleges and universities offer cyber security degrees, including undergraduate and graduate tracks that are CAE-designated by the NSA and DHS.

Cyber Security Jobs in Ohio

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio has one of the largest populations of information security analysts in the US. Mean annual wage is $80-$90k, which is about average and appears to be increasing. Of the current job openings, over half pay at least $80k and one in five pay over $105k. Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland are the largest employment hubs for companies like MacAulay-Brown, JP Morgan Chase, PNC Financial Services Group, Battelle, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Ohio’s major military presence provides a range of cyber defense, ethical hacking, and high-level security jobs, and Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the fourth-largest employer in the state.

Cyber Security Degrees in Ohio

Certificates in cyber security are available at Kent State University, University of Cincinnati, Wright State University, Owens Community College, and Sinclair Community College, with specializations in Cyber Operations, Cyber Security Analytics, Computer Forensics and Information Security, Linux Security and Networking, Microsoft Security Specialist, and Secure System Administration.

Franklin University and Ohio State University offer bachelor’s programs in cyber security specializations. (Ohio State’s offerings include a BS in Computer Science and Engineering and BS in Computer and Information Science, with cyber security emphases.)

Master’s tracks in Cyber Operations and Cyber Security are offered by Air Force Institute of Technology and Wright State University, respectively.