Information Assurance and Cyber Security Degrees in Washington

Washington’s highly diversified, modern knowledge-based economy makes it a great opportunity for cyber security professionals. In addition to an extensive base of government workers, real estate, information technology services, manufacturing, health care, and finance and insurance are nationally competitive industries with pressing cyber security and information assurance needs. Fortunately, Washington’s lead colleges and universities have recognized the demand for IS talent: at least ten schools offer programs in cyber security, and six are CAE-designated by the NSA and DHS.

Cyber Security Jobs in Washington

As the home of both Amazon and Microsoft, it’s no surprise that cyber security jobs are hot commodities in Washington State. About 2,000 information security analysts live here, and annual mean wages for the 50th percentile of IS workers is $100k – well above average. Entry-level employees can make $80k, and top-tier IS managers, engineers, administrators, and architects earn around $140k. Seattle is the largest employment hub by far, offering prestigious positions at Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Leidos Cyber, and Splunk, among others. From there, Bellevue, Redmond, Olympia, and Tacoma are the next-best places for IS jobs. But don’t stop your search at tech giants. Starbucks, Boeing, Costco, and Nordstrom each have locations or headquarters in Washington, and industries like health care, communications, and professional services offer IS job opportunities, as well.

Cyber Security Degrees in Washington

Of the ten schools in Washington with cyber programs, six have certificates in cyber security, ranging from Information Systems Security to Digital Forensics & Investigations to Cisco CCNA.

Two-year associate degrees in cyber security are available from Edmonds Community College and Whatcom Community College.

Bachelor’s degrees in cyber security are offered by Western Washington University, which has a BS in Computer and Information Systems Security, and City University of Seattle, which has specializations in Cyber Forensic Investigation, Cybersecurity and Information, and Information Security.

For those interested in an advanced program, City University of Seattle offers a master’s in cyber security, as well – as do Central Washington University, University of Washington’s Bothell Campus, and University of Washington-Tacoma Campus.